Vector Point Cranial Therapy

A low force and non-invasive method of cranial adjustment.

The dura is a fibrous sheet that covers your brain and spinal cord. Its attachments begin inside your skull and then work their way down your spinal canal, finally anchoring at the lowest bone in your spine, the sacrum. The dura has many purposes, one of which is to allow for the free flowing of cerebral spinal fluid. This process, called the Cranial Sacral Respiratory Mechanism, is maintained in part by the subtle movements of the cranial bones. When the cranial bones are subluxated (misaligned) dural tension is created, causing the uppermost neck vertebrae, the jaw joints to react. These, in turn, cause an entire pattern of compensation and adaptation to take place within the body including in soft tissues like organs.


By clearing blockages and correcting spinal and cranial subluxations Vector Point Cranial Therapy will help boost your general well being, reduce stress, improve the quality of your sleep, increase your energy, enhance the functioning of all the body’s organs and specifically relieve nerve problems which have been causing arm and leg pains, headaches, and dizziness. Vector Point Cranial Therapy is however, not a specific treatment for a medical condition but a general method for improving the health and resilience of the human body.

General feelings of well-being and calmness are common as cranial mobility is restored.

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