When you have your initial consultation at Universal Health you will be asked to complete a New Patient Questionnaire.  We will take a thorough history of your current and past health status and together we will work up a recommended personalised health care plan just for you. In some cases special diagnostic tests such as Xrays or other medical imaging may be required. We regularly draw from a very wide range of treatment modalities to address your health needs as part of our wholistic  approach. Depending on your needs, vitamins and supplements may also be prescribed to assist in your treatment.

At Universal Health we have three phases to our Individualised Patient Care Plan


Your practitioner will invest time to consult with you and discuss the most effective way to RESTORE your concerns; which for many includes reducing inflammation.  We know that there is no one treatment that works for everyone. So we have a vast number of disciplines to utilise to suit your individual needs. This may include exercise plans, podiatry, nutrition assessments and diagnostic testing. We specialise in focusing on evidence–based medicine, taking into account  the triad of health- physical, chemical and emotional well-being of each patient.


Once inflammation and symptoms have subsided or improved significantly we will focus on building strength, resistance and mobility to SUSTAIN your physical health. Positive energy, clarity and cognitive function in your emotional expressions. Reviewing your nutrition to attend to your chemical wellness. Again each patient is an individual and only areas needing attention are addressed.


Once our patients have reached their optimum level of healthcare ; they can choose to maintain and ADVANCE their overall wellbeing.  Practitioners at Universal health will recommend the necessary tools to achieve this; exercise plans, detoxification, clinical nutrition plans and other supportive integrative modalities

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”- Hippocrates

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