Integrative Modalities

Integrative Modalities

Universal Health is an Integrative & Functional Medicine Clinic. We have the philosophy of using evidence based complementary medicine and therapies with a focus on the whole person approach and individual patient care.

Your Universal Health practitioner is highly trained to provide a wide spectrum of therapies. You have a unique body, lifestyle and situation. We take time to understand you, your circumstances and the physical environment that you live in. These are all then considered for a total focus on your health. The wide range of therapies enables your practitioner to select a program specifically for you, using only those techniques that benefit you.

Your practitioner looks for the cause of illness rather than treating the effect or symptoms, thus treating the whole person, including physical, chemical and emotional factors, in an environment which encourages trust, development, achievement and harmony.

Chiropractic Modalities

Other Modalities

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