Detox/ Diet Programs

A detox is a program whereby you follow a diet over a certain period in order to cleanse the body. It may also include herbal supplements or other methods, such as colonic irrigation, all of which aim to remove environmental and dietary toxins from the body. Sometimes it is as easy as cutting out alcohol, stopping smoking and having a balanced diet.

Cleansing and detoxing major organs and systems is vital if one wishes to obtain and maintain optimum health. These can include but not limited to:

Colon Cleanse

When the colon is healthy, bowel movements occur easily and provide a complete evacuation of the bowel. Stools maybe anywhere from 2-4 feet in length; they should be brown in colour, not light yellow or grey or dark green ; they should not be small and narrow or short and hard; they should not contain shreds of mucous, blood or undigested food; they should be firm, not watery; they should not float; and the bowels should move easily without having to wait or strain.

Improper elimination allows deposits of faecal matter to build up on the walls of the colon or in pockets which have been previously formed. It is believed that some faecal matter can remain in the colon for weeks, months or even years. Such deposits may get to be as much as 2-3 inches thick and be as hard as a piece of black tire rubber.

Such accumulated faecal matter may be detrimental to health for several reasons:

  1. It can interfere with normal absorption of vitamins and minerals causing a nutritional deficiency regardless of how good one’s diet and supplement program may be.
  2. It may cause irritation to the nerve endings in the intestine causing a spastic or inflamed colon, which may further interfere with nutrient absorption and efficient bowel function.
  3. It can begin to decay and then release toxins into the bloodstream which can poison healthy organs and tissue. This is known as auto-intoxication.

It is also noted that another main cause of poor bowel function is poor nutrition itself. When the body does not get all the nutrients is requires to be healthy, the muscles and tissues of the bowel begin to deteriorate and lose their tone and vitality. A poor diet can also contribute to the formation of hard, dry stools or stools of insufficient bulk. In one respect, the colon is like a tube of toothpaste: when it contains stools with adequate bulk, it is much easier for the bowel muscles to “squeeze” the stool through the colon.

Unfortunately, eating the proper diet for one’s type is not enough to regain healthy bowel function. If faecal deposits have become too hardened and thickened on the colon walls, diet alone may not get rid of the toxin build up. A COLON CLEANSE, can be designed to assist the body in a very natural way in its efforts to rid itself of such encrusted matter.

Gall Bladder Flush

The purpose of this procedure is to assist your body in its efforts to maintain free-flowing bile and to help keep the gall bladder free of debris. It is very simple and natural procedure which at one time was used at the renowned Lahey Clinic in Boston, Massachusetts.

The principles involved are really quite simple. The idea is to cause the gall bladder to naturally expel any accumulated matter, including stones or pre-stone sludge composed of stagnant bile and toxins.

Many natural forms of natural acids are employed to “cut” the sludge or hardened bile to allow for it to be readily expelled from the gall bladder, through the bile duct, into the colon and out the body.

As a result of the gall bladder flush one usually feels an improvement in well-being, digestion and energy levels.

Parasite Cleanse

Parasites are becoming recognized as an increasing health problem in our society. Many disorders, from bruxism to cancer are shown to have some connection to parasite infestation. Whether this is a directional link or just an ecological correlation, the two events happening at the same time due to a third factor (i.e. low oxygen states), is still unknown. But what is known is that when present, they release toxins into the blood stream and change cellular respiration to pre-cancerous forms. This is reason enough to proceed with the cleanse, especially in high risk patients with a history of anti-biotic use or owners of dogs, cats or farm animals. As well as severe illness like Cancer and chronic viral infections. However, clinically it’s been noted that so many chronically ill patients shown signs of low tissue oxygen from viral and fungal infections that could benefit by routinely proceeding with a basic parasite cleanse.


After colon cleansing, parasites can often show up positive in faecal tests when previously the tests were negative. They can become covered over in the intestinal villi and thus initial attempts to find or destroy them usually fail. That is why it is suggested to always do the colon cleanse first.

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