The Trinity Health Assessment

An Initial Integrative and Functional Health Assessment which incorporates 3 specific tests that are used to identify imbalances and gene mutations to ensure there is no delay or hinderance to body homeostasis.

The body requires a diverse / high quality intake of food, regular exercise and sound emotional health to function optimally. Often there are several factors which influence the body and hinder it from performing the best it can. Testing for Heavy Metals, Pyrroles and MTHFR gene mutations, we discover quite quickly, why your body is struggling and what your body might be having difficulty in assimilating. Having this knowledge in the early stages of your care, if relevant, can often assist in reaching your health goals faster, with efficiently and lasting improvements.

Knowledge is Key in determining the appropriate care needed to obtain and maintain body homeostasis which leads us to an overall higher standard of Wellbeing. The Trinity Health Assessment is one of many assessments undertaken at Universal Health during the journey of exploring your personalised DNA matrix of health.

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