Limbic Protocol

The purpose of this Protocol is to highlight that there is more to dieting than what we eat and what exercise we do. Firstly, Emotion is the one area that is so not addressed often enough when we look at health and fitness.  It is talked about and acknowledged as a contributing factor but more often than not is treated as a “new age” excuse rather than a serious player in the race toward optimal wellbeing. Yet I believe that emotional intelligence and understanding is to weight issues what cigarettes are to lung cancer.  Pivotal! Secondly, it must be noted that the critical biological home of emotion is the Limbic System.

For this reason, the Limbic Protocol is complimentary to every dietary system and will emotionally serve to achieve results faster and that are longer lasting. The Limbic System is a way of accessing your emotional connections and associations to food so that you achieve your desired result and more importantly maintain them with a fraction of the effort required to do the same through will power alone.

The Limbic Protocol is the Master Key that will unlock any diet system to make it more effective by turning on the body’s own innate ability to heal itself and maintain perfect form and function specific to you as a unique human being.  There is no one size fits all approach to weight, but the Limbic System means that whatever avenue you chose to explore – diet, exercise or ideally a combination of both you and your body will be emotionally congruent working together to achieve YOUR best results.

The Limbic Protocol can be applied to anyone. Furthermore, it is not just a tool for weight issues it is a tool that has been used successfully to treat many health issues such as high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, fertility issues and many other gynaecological conditions.  The Limbic approach has applications that can enhance all areas of one’s life.

To understand the implications of emotion on our health and to fully appreciate the Limbic Protocol approach we need to have a look at the anatomy of the brain.

In the 1950s neurologist Paul MacLean proposed that we did not have one brain but that we actually had three. He called this the “triune brain” and MacLean states that the three brains operate like “three interconnected biological computers, each with its own special intelligence, its own subjectivity, its own sense of time and space and its own memory”.

Each of the three brains is connected to the other two by nerves but each seems to operate as its own brains system with distinct capabilities.

The three brains in order of evolution are referred to as:

  1. Reptilian
  2. Limbic
  3. Neocortex

What made MacLean’s research such an influential paradigm was that it refuted the previous thinking, which assumed that the neocortex was in charge!  MacLean showed this not to be the case and that the physically lower and less evolved limbic system, which rules emotions can hijack the control tower whenever it needs to. MacLean highlighted great danger in the limbic system power because it is the limbic system not the more advanced neocortex that is the seat of our value judgments and it is therefore the lesser evolved of the two that decided what is “right” and what is not! The “emotional baggage” associated with past events in our lives can unconsciously run our lives in the same way that Pavlov’s dogs would salivate whenever they heard a bell.  Unresolved negative associations are stored in the body and these can often short-circuit our true desires.

So you can work on your “issues” till the cows come home and many of the current practices are excellent and valid for a number of reasons but if you want to access that deep conditioning, the behaviours and associations that you made in the past that without question govern your life today then you have to go to the source of where those memories and associations are held – in the physical body…

The issues are in the tissues and in order to rebalance your system and deconstruct some of the old conditioning you have to address the body’s cellular memory, which will assist in setting you free from any emotionally charged state of being which keeps you held hostage to the past and old.

Unless thinking and doing are integrated and the mind and body are congruently marching to the same drum you are not going to get the results you think you want.  The limbic system is a storehouse for past emotional conditioning.  Some of that is valid and necessary – i.e. fight or flight response.  However especially as a child two unrelated ideas such as “school” and “anxiety” could mushroom into “new experiences and anxiety”, just as Pavlov could change the bell and still the dogs would salivate.

Now as an adult any new experiences trigger anxiety and the result is turning to chocolate for comfort.  The Limbic Protocol cleans out the storehouse of inappropriate connections and rebalances the mind/body connection so that what you think you want and what you experience becomes the same thing.

Always remember:  “The issues are in the tissues” – Resolve the issues to dissolve the tissues.

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