Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine encompasses the medical care and welfare of the exercising population. This ranges from planning rehabilitation for patients after surgery to the medical support of world class athletes. Sports Medicine draws on many modalities including, clinical medicine, orthopaedics, exercise physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology, physical therapy, athletic training, massage therapy & sports nutrition, to ensure the best results in the diagnosis and management of problems related to sports and exercise.

The Benefits

Sports Medicine is suitable for you at any level of fitness or recovery, it is suitable for children, the elderly, as well as elite athletes. Our whole idea is to rehabilitate you as quickly as possible as well as give you tips to lessen the chance of re-injury. Your Rehabilitation Program will improve acute problems such as achilles tendonitis, sprains and brakes, hamstring injuries, knee and joint problems as well as provide you with a long term management program to minimise future injury. At Universal Health, our focus is to optimise performance for people at all levels of activity.

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