Integrated BioDynamics (IBD)

IBD combines several established techniques in a suite of procedures to correct structure and unbalanced physiology and to restore nerve function and normal energy flows.

Within your brain there appears to be a ‘virtual’ template that is used as a model to regulate both your physical and your ‘emotional’ bodies. Your brain uses several pathways for communication some of which are neurological or chemical and some of which are purely energetic.


IBD offers an integration of established principles and techniques to create a remarkable health modality, based on the concept that, with appropriate help, the body can repair and regenerate itself. In the short term you can expect relief of pain, stress and confusion, depressive tendencies, digestive disorders, fatigue and tiredness, back and other chronic pain. In the medium term you can combat allergies and nervous disorders, enhance learning ability, boost sports performance, overcome fears and phobias and aid the healing of injuries.

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