Spinal Disorders and Other Mechanical Health Issues

Pollard H, Lakay B, Tucker F, Watson B, Bablis P

Inter-examiner Reliability of the Deltoid and Psoas Muscle Test. J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2005; 28:52-56


Muscle testing is a fundamental tool in the NET diagnostic protocol. This tells us that NET testing is reliable.


Pollard H, Bablis P, Bonello R

Can the Ileocecal Valve Point Predict Low Back Pain Using Manual Muscle Testing? Chiropractic Journal of Australia 36(2):58-62, 2006

http://www.onefoundation.org/mindbody-research/published-research/6-can-the-ileocecal-valve-point-predict-low-back-pain- using-manual-muscle-testing/

The study found that the majority of patients with low back pain reported positive ileocecal valve testing. The application of ileocecal valve testing as a diagnostic measure of low back pain was found to have excellent sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic competency. This study confirms that the use of this test is reliably associated with the presence of low back pain.


Pollard H, Bablis P, Bonello R

The Ileocecal Valve Point and Muscle Testing:

A Possible Mechanism of Action. Chiropractic Journal of Australia 36(4):122-126, 2006


This article hypothesises the probable mode of action of the ICV test commonly used by NET practitioners.


Bablis P, Pollard H, Bonello R

Neuro Emotional Technique for the treatment of trigger point sensitivity in chronic neck pain sufferers: A controlled clinical trial. Chiropractic & Osteopathy, 2008 16:4, 21 May 2008

http://www.researchgate.net/publication/5255472_Neuro_Emotional_Technique_for_the_treatment_of_trigger_point_ sensitivity_in_chronic_neck_pain_sufferers_A_controlled_clinical_ trial

After a short course of NET treatment, pain recordings of trigger points were significantly improved when compared to a control group which received a sham treatment.


Bablis P, Pollard H, Bonello R (014)

A Randomised Controlled Pilot Study of Neuro Emotional Technique For Chronic Low-Back Pain [Conference Abstract] The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, March 2008 14(1): S-1-S-109 ISCMR.1 (see page S-4)


The improvements in this study demonstrated a large effect size due to the NET treatment and provided justification for a larger scale clinical trial for NET for chronic low back pain.


Bablis P, Pollard H

Feasibility study of the short term effects of neuro emotional technique for chronic low back pain. Chiropractic Journal of Australia, Volume 44, Number 4, 266-282, 2016


Changes in VAS and ODI scores (P < 0.001) provide preliminary evidence for changes in pain, and activities of daily living after sufferers of chronic low back pain (CLBP) received a short course of Neuro Emotional Technique. Progress to a full trial on the possible role of NET in reducing pain and disability in a low-back population is feasible.

The Chronic Low Back Pain PhD thesis listed below was ranked in the top 5% internationally.


Bablis P

The effect of Neuro Emotional Technique on Chronic Low Back pain. Australasian Digital Theses; Sydney, Australia: Macquarie University Publisher©2014


A significant statistical difference between the NET and sham groups was detected in paper based and blood measures assessed in this RCT. The Oswestry, the QVAS and the SF-36 all attained statistical and clinical significance (P<0.001). Blood inflammatory markers also showed positive changes: C-reactive protein decreased and TNF a decreased. The findings of this RCT study suggest that NET therapy is effective in the short term (one month) and medium-long term (six months) for reducing CLBP.

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